Companies with a highly engaged workforce are 21% more profitable

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Boredom, lack of opportunity and career progression are the biggest drivers of employee disengagement and turnover.


are disengaged at work


leave due to lack of opportunity


would leave for a better opportunity

Unlock talent in the flow of work

Leverage everyday work to create growth

Understand your people

Capture and analyse employee skills, strengths and aspirations

Post Opportunities

Post internal projects, assignments and other opportunities

Searchable database of potential internal talent

Easy to post internal projects, secondments and assignments to support managers get work done.

Why work with us?


Increase career growth opportunities

Support employees deconstruct their career path and understand what growth means to them


Match employee’s career aspirations with business needs

Turn projects and assignments into development opportunities and increase internal mobility


Save money on re-hiring, onboarding and lost productivity

Reducing the need to re-hire saves you time, money and impact to your business

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